“Earth: An Incredible Day” is an amazing journey revealing the impressive power of nature. For a single day, we will follow the path of the sun from the highest mountains through the remotest islands to the most exotic jungles.

Scientist builds a boat after his flood warnings that will destroy the Earth are completely ignored. But when evidence comes to light that the disaster will happen, those who have been defaming the teachings have turned to him to shelter their ark and answer their questions before the world drowns in an endless sea.

Three years ago, Rachel barely survived brutal slaughter, killing all of her friends. Time passes and Rachel continues with her life, but unfortunately her close friends will spend their spring break in a secluded house in the woods and cordially invite her to come with them. Once Rachel and her friends arrive at the hut, coupons, sex and horror begin.

One of the greatest achievements of mankind. More than 20 billion kilometers, a small ship leaves our solar system and enters deep space – the first invention created by a man who achieves such a thing.

A terrible serial killer terrorizes the city and detectives Sean and David Carter are on his heels. They join forces with their colleague, Christine Egerton, and fall into a whirlpool of horrors that may not be from this world.

Beautiful, in love with adventures and smart, Robin (Garfield) is at the beginning of his life, who promises miracles, but is suddenly struck by polio. His beautiful wife, Diana (Foy), does not listen to the doctors’ advice and takes him to their home. With unreserved dedication and endless love, with perseverance and faith in unrealized opportunities, the two overcome his paralysis and guarantee him the freedom to be part of his family. They refuse to be subjected to his suffering and manage to change the lives of others through strength, perseverance and thirst for life. “Breathe” warmth his heart and honors the courage and human abilities that, enduring love, always endless. This is a love story for life, where every breath can be the last, but you take it with joy and gratitude for fate …

One bullet. Three lives completely changed. Couple on the edge of the divorce and a teenage bully with an illegal weapon.

Based on the novel THE SCENT OF RAIN & LIGHTNING by Nancy Pickard. When a young woman learns her parents’ killer has been released from prison, she is forced to revisit old wounds while discovering the destructive power of hate and the true cost of family secrets fully revealing themselves.

Orsita’s 9-star course, Celeste, has provided its only astronaut – the 20-year-old Elena – this year 19 years. They had a shower in the system of life of the ship, which was Alex – a man who had been left in his own life. They do not know, however, that this part of the global secret of the cosmonauts, but also the unusual life, is capable of affecting the world.